• Being an online payment solutions company, we understand the importance and need of security better. Our user’s safety and security is of utmost importance and priority to us.
  • Therefore, VePay always ensures that it maintains a very high level of safety and security in all our business transactions, especially the online ones.
  • VePay payment security system is designed and framed in such a way that it safeguards every of your activity with us and also saves you from getting worried about any unfortunate activity such as fraud and theft. We assure that you get enough time to focus on your business more important requirements rather than fretting over threat issues.
  • VePay Payments follows a unique approach & effective way of detecting and avoiding any type of fraudulent activity that can hamper your overall business growth. We make sure that we always follow a two-tier defence strategy to identify fraudulent activity where each transaction passes through two security layers, initially our in-house security layer, followed by the third-party fraud protection layer which ensures maximum protection.
  • To make all your transactions safe & secure, we follow and use 256 bit AES encryption logic & also IP Validation. At, Vepay, we also store and maintain data in a highly secured environment, making all the data protected.
  • We are also PCI DSS Level 1 compliant which enables us to process and transfer data securely based on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, to protect consumers and their data no matter where they shop or what channel they use.
  • By keeping pace with all the latest technologies and innovations in the industry, we always use latest and advanced payment infrastructure and technology to detect and avoid any type of fraudulent and unfortunate activity.
  • Be assured, with us all your business transactions are safe and secure!